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Manhattan Water Fuel Network

New York, New York  


Type: Speculative Urban Infrastructure
**Winner of the 2010 Self-Sufficient City Competition**

Project Text

The Water Fuel Network is a soft infrastructure that combines energy-generation, fuel production, and recreation to formulate a new, floating landscape for New York City. The network is mapped at two scales across Manhattan. The first scale occurs at the edge of the island, on the water, where harvesting mats collect water and extract hydrogen by means of electrolysis. These are the fueling mats. These floating mats serve the public with collective spaces that allow New Yorkers to play and engage with the river.

The second scale occurs within the streets of Manhattan, where current lanes for automotive traffic are converted to water scooter lanes designated by fueling pods that hover above the street. Fueling Pods are installed throughout the city creating nodes for fueling and parking.  These nodes also serve as public restrooms.



Rychiee Espinosa, Seth McDowell


Laurie Hawkinson, Sean Gallagher, Columbia University


Photography and Images 

©mcdowellespinosa architects

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