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Paper Space: Linda Farrow Pop-up Store

New York City


Type: Commercial Interior, Temporary

Size: 640sf

Project Text

mcdowellespinosa’s design for the Linda Farrow Boffo Building Fashion 2013 Pop-up store attempts to re-frame the world through extreme combinations of form, material and effects.  This is achieved through three operations:

1.   Instigating an extreme visual contrast between exterior and interior. While the inside and outside are in complete difference they are constructed with the same material: paper. 

2.   Redefining a material association and position.  The installation will be constructed out of paper waste.  Paper is an extremely versatile material composition that allows it to transition efficiently through various material states.  The goal of using paper waste is to achieve an unexpected material encounter.  The design aims to transform the paper into a new materiality.  

3.   Isolating the frame of reference.  Instead of displaying the products in an array or field the design strategy is to isolate each pair of glasses within its own glowing pocket.  Each product becomes a glowing beacon.  Each object stands alone, uncorrupted by its neighbor’s form and attitude.  This allows the customer to view the products as jewels – the pearl amongst the oysters. 



Seth McDowell, Alex Picciano


Photography and Images: 

©mcdowellespinosa architects

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