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Collage Shack

Inman, South Carolina


Type: Outbuilding; Woodshed

Size: 80sf

Project Text

The Collage Shack was part of a series of Design/Build projects that investigated the improvisational methods of construction common in the rural American South. The design and process are inspired by the agrarian structures that are built and mended with local materials at hand. The fiberglass and metal sheathing material for the constructed shed was recycled from collapsed greenhouse found on site. The material fragments were not altered or cut in anyway, but instead pieced together as found. Design and construction occurred simultaneously as a three-dimensional collage. The project took three days build, costing only $25 (for screws). While the woodshed appears temporary and a little haphazard, it has kept firewood dry for over 15 years.   


Design + Construction:

Seth McDowell


Robert Bruhns, Clemson University


Photography and Images:

©mcdowellespinosa architects

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