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 Authenticity: New York Architecture League Prize Exhibition

Parsons, New York  


Type: Installation

Project Text

What is an unfindable architecture and why is it important? There is no Google entry for an unfindable architecture. An unfindable architecture is the exception, the special occurrence, the outlier. This exhibition probes at positioning pataphysics, the science of the particular, as a catalyst for architectural production. Three exercises are presented that construct three unfindable antinomies. For the 2015 New York Architectural League Prize exhibition for “Authenticity” mcdowellespinosa deployed this paradox in efforts to test the limits of authenticity.

How?…..The work presents a grouping of “spatial constructs” that reinterpret a series of mcdowellespinosa’s speculative architectural projects. Using an identical set of material “ingredients,” partners Seth McDowell and Rychiee Espinosa constructed a radically different set of physical models utilizing abnormal construction techniques: aggregated thin layers of wax cast in water, linear threaded wads of chewing gum coated with dried spearmint leaves, and intricate modular constructions of laser-cut wood. These constructs are 12” cubes that express the nature of tectonics and properties inherent to the material. Drawings of these models translate the spatial constructs into architectural speculations — mysterious formations without context and utility.  



anomalous construct — the principle of variance

an anomaly is produced from the multiplicity of parts—parts that do not exactly fit together. (wood clips)


syzygia construct — the principle of alliance

a formation is produced by the fusion of two opposing materials (wax + water)


clinamen construct — the principle of deviance

a material détournement (chewing gum and dried spearmint leaves)


Objects and Drawings:

Seth McDowell, Rychiee Espinosa


Installation Team: 

Seth McDowell, Rychiee Espinosa, Dominik Sigg, Megan Kingsley



Joe McGrath, Baseheight, Inc.



©mcdowellespinosa architects

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